For parents from parents

As working parents, we always found it challenging to book kids’ activities and parties. Busy with work, household chores and driving kids to and from their activities, the only time we would get to search for and make bookings would be late in the evenings. Finding something suitable and within budget would require hopping across multiple independent sites. Moreover, most businesses would be closed by that time to answer questions, or we would be too tired to pick up the phone to speak to someone. This got us to think “why couldn’t booking kids parties ands activities be as easy as searching for, reviewing and booking airline tickets or vacation online, all on one site”. This gave birth to the idea of building a site to help parents search for, review and book kids’ parties, lessons and camps online, in a matter of minutes, irrespective of the location or time of the day.

Sitting around the family dinning table one Saturday morning, we, along with our kids, were getting frustrated finding a good and applicable dot-com domain for the business. All of a sudden, one of the kids shouted “how about kids, boys and girls”. It was shortened to kibog (ki from Kids, bo from boys and g from girls), the dot-com domain was available and kibog.com came to life on the internet and we shortly thereafter registered the business.

Kibog.com is our vision of simplifying the process of booking kids’ parties and activities so that parents, like us, have one less thing to stress about. The word kibog and its origination epitomes the core of the business; a solution from our family to yours.

We invite you to join us either as a service provider partner or as a parent user to experience our vision of simplification.

Papita & Bhuwan