How It Works

Search and Review

  • Discover options.
  • Compare and review.
  • Communicate with our Partner via Kibog's chat/messenger if you have questions.

Enjoy & Feedback

  • Communicate with our Partners as-needed via Kibog's chat/messenger.
  • For bookings/registrations made via, present your confirmation email to our Partner at the event date or start date.
  • Enjoy! Our Partners are committed to making your child's experience memorable.
  • Provide feedback and share your experience with other parents.

List your Business

  • Attract and engage new parents and retain existing ones.
  • FREE to list.
  • Works for Individuals and Professional Businesses.

Deliver Exceptional Experience & Grow your Business

  • Make the children's experience memorable.
  • Receive positive reviews that attract repeat customers and influence new ones.
  • Focus on delivering an exceptional experience while Kibog takes care of sales, marketing and administrative tasks.
How old do I have to be to book or make a reservation on

A user 18 years or older with an active account can make bookings on

How do I book a party, activity, lesson or camp?

Go to the homepage of Kibog,, enter your search criteria and click submit. Based on what you are looking for, a list of options to review and select will be presented to you.

Who are Kibog's Partners?

Kibog's partners are individual professionals and businesses that provide kids' parties, activities, lessons and camps and are an integral part of the local community they operate in.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?
Booking performed on

If you booked on itself, you will receive an email confirmation on the email address you registered with Kibog. This email also acts as your receipt. If you don't see the email please check your spam folder. If you still don't see the email, please let us know at In addition, you could also connect with our Partner via Kibog's chat/messenger.

Booking request sent to Partner via

In many instances, Partner's request that a booking/reservation request be sent to them prior to completing the transaction so that they can communicate with the customer to understand their needs and provide best-fit solution. In such instances, the booking confirmation will be sent via the Partner directly. If you don't receive that confirmation from the Partner, please feel free to contact our Partner directly or send them a message via Kibog's chat/messenger.

Can I change or reschedule my booking?

Please contact if you need to make changes to your booking made on itself. Since availability changes on an ongoing basis, Kibog cannot guarantee the availability during your revised date and time. There may be a fee associated with making changes.
For bookings made with the Partner directly, please contact the Partner.

Can I cancel my booking?

For bookings made on, please contact Cancellation fees may apply and if you are beyond the grace period, you may forfeit your booking amount. Details on cancellation fee and grace period are available on the receipt emailed to you.
For bookings made with the Partner directly, please contact the Partner.

Who do I contact for my special requests?

Parents and customers can provide their special requests during the booking process. In addition, Parents and customers are encouraged to contact Kibog's Partner delivering the service via Kibog's online messaging functionality. Kibog and its Partners will attempt to address all special requests but cannot guarantee its delivery, its offered on a "best-efforts" basis Parents can use Kibog's online messaging functionality to communicate with the business anytime, even after the service is delivered.

How do I provide feedback on the service received?

Parents and customers are encouraged to provide feedback on the service they received via Kibog's Review functionality. Parents can log on to their account on and click on the review button to provide their feedback.

What happens if Kibog's Partner is unable to deliver the service?

Kibog's agreement with its Partner states that the Partner will look for alternative options in case they are unable to deliver the services themselves. In addition, Kibog will work with Parents and its partner network to locate alternatives.

How do I contact my service provider?

You could use Kibog's chat/messenger to contact our Partners, anytime, even after the service has been delivered.

What if I have questions about charges that appear on my receipt?

For bookings made on, please reach out to referencing the receipt number and your queries. We will work address your questions as promptly as we can.
For bookings made with the Partner directly, please contact the Partner.

I have now I have more people than the package I purchased. What do I do so that I can bring in additional participants to the party?

Please reach out to our Partner delivering the service via our online messaging functionality to confirm if they can handle the additional participants. They will do their best to accommodate such requests. Sometimes, our Partners may not be able to accommodate such requests due to safety and regulatory reasons, like violating the safety code by taking on more people into a room than its capacity. In such cases, you may have to look for alternate service provider.